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About Master Shao

Master Shao is an expert in the application of Chinese philosophy in real life settings. 


As a qualified Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, he has decades of hands on experience in the applications of Qi and Chinese metaphysical studies. 


He has helped countless clients using his unique expertise in Chinese Astrology (Bazi), Feng Shui and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  In most cases, these aspects are not separate fields, and are uniquely intertwined. 

Consultations with Master Shao are available by online method, at his practice or by site visit.

For all services booked, we will contact you to obtain the information required for analysis, and schedule a time for consultation/discussion.  

Master Shao currently provides the following services:

- Personal Birth Chart Analysis and recommendations for the year ahead

- Business / Home floorplan assessment and recommendations

- Site selection/ assessment for homes and businesses

- Feng Shui Site Visit 

- Auspicious date selection for important events

- Telephone number analysis / Auspicious Telephone number selection

- Specific issue analysis and recommendations

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