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Let the power of ancient wisdom guide you

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Birth Chart Analysis 八字

Your birth chart is unique to you.  It represents the natural conditions and forces at play, when you came into this world and took your first breath.  Your time of birth offers a valuable insight into your strengths, weaknesses, potential, challenges and opportunities.  Whilst one should not mistake the birthchart to represent a 'fixed' destiny, the information can be used to guide your choices in life, and minimise challenges.  

Feng Shui 风水

Feng Shui can be described as "environmental medicine".  The natural forces which influence your living and working environment should not be underestimated!  Numerous major corporations are known to employ Feng Shui masters to optimise site selection, layout, design and get a competitive edge that works passively once it is established.  Feng Shui applied in your home or office can help to harness the favourable environmental forces around you, and reduce the unfavourable.

Special Issue Consult 易经

Life is defined by the choices we make.  Occasionally we are faced with situations where the choices are difficult.  In times like these we can seek the help of the I-Ching for guidance.  This is an ancient method of divination which offers insight into the present and future influences of your specific issue.  Based on the insights revealed, one can be equipped with more information and be better prepared to make an informed decision. 

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